The beginnings of VDM (2004-2006)

VDM is an association that has already implemented numerous projects on global photographic meetings in 2004 and 2005. Its concept is based on knowing the “other” through subjective representations thanks to the photography. Different projects (36 views of 1 World, 12 views) have been organized through Internet where more than 80 countries with its own culture, ideology or religion were represented. The results were exposed in France (Paris and Toulouse), Portugal (Covilha) and Chile (Pelarco).



The Association always thought about progressing to other kinds of project: activities focused on interaction between different professional fields like cooperation and artistic expression. For this, we submitted various projects to the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development This is the first organism that gave us the opportunity to implement a project with such characteristics. Though, we implemented two photographic projects in Indonesia (May - June 2007) and Sri Lanka (August – September 2008). The main objective of our initiative in these countries is to materialize with real points of view, with real examples, the impact of some of the international development projects in communities of Banda Aceh Province (Indonesia) and Districts of Galle and Kalutara (Sri Lanka). What we aim is to give these people, these communities (who are beneficiaries of Spanish cooperation projects in this case) the opportunity to express themselves through the use of a simple and realistic medium: the photography. With these concrete examples we obtained the direct vision of the person touched by the tsunami as the main actor of his own reconstruction. These projects were exhibited in Europe House (Banda Aceh, Indonesia, September 2007), in the Centre Culturel Français of Jakarta (October2007), at the headquarter of AECID (December 2007), in the Escuela de la Convivencia (Madrid, February 2008), in the Hispano Japanese cultural center (Salamanca, May 2008) and at the Alliance Française of Colombo (September 2008).


Everybody can participate

Everyone can take part in one of our project whatever is his artistic or social sensibility. We fundamentally try to implicate the more people we can to participate in this creative process to witness a social way of life. In this objective, every common person becomes an author having the opportunity to express, artistically or socially, an opinion on his environment an share it with another one.
The projects submitted by VDM are creations where the author is an actor of the everyday life, with his own artistical or social sensibility. We highly consider that an artistic act is closely linked to a social and cultural behaviour. Using these three notions, we try to raise the social behaviour of a human being, and gat it in contact with other ones. We want to confront these notions by using a simple medium (the photography) whether utilization can be technical or practical.