Project 2005: 12 views

On October 29th of 2005, we organized a new project. It was important to us to use the same strategy for its diffusion (meetings, dialogues) and another one more “impersonal” (blogs, forums…) to receive testimonies from people we didn’t know. The subject was simple: Beauty Vs Ugliness. Furthermore, we asked to participants to identify themselves in order to know them better. We wanted to know who is who? (First name, last name, country of origin, residence country, age). Then a vision of himself by himself (self portrait), where he lives (interior space, direct environment), his neighbourhood (street, local grocery store, neighbour), where he choose to live (his town/city).  All these notions can be linked to understand that the culture, education, way of life are fundamental to understand the vision of an actor on his environment. Moreover, we insisted on the fact that each person is the author of his life and responsible for his relationship with the world.

Most importantly though, remember that every day, he is an artist, and on this specific day, he will be sharing what he saw and felt with the outside world. It is precisely the inherent creativity in each individual that we were trying to stimulate and catch a glimpse of. It is obvious that every person has a different perception of beauty and its opposite, the aim being therefore to examine how tastes and perceptions conflict or coincide in a context of complete creative freedom.

The fact that all the pictures were taken the same day reinforced the philosophy of exchange, of sharing inherent to this project

12 VUES aimed to bring people from around the globe, from different cultures, religions, walks of life and with different values and perceptions….and asked them to introduce themselves and shared their world, their environment and their conception of beauty in everyday life, in any way and style you choose.

Show and share as he is, through the simple medium of photography

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