Project 2004: 36 views of a world

On December 15th, 2004, we asked friends around the world to take part in a photography project called “36 Vues d’1 Monde” and to share the idea with as many people they knew. The aim was to have people from all corners of the world, share, on the same day, a day in their life summarised in 32 exposures. We wanted to know if it was possible to infuse a desire in people from all walks of life, from all ages, to share an experience, an emotion and a vision.

To our gleeful surprise, many responded, many more participated in the project and most importantly, all connected with the project’s philosophy.

We collected fragments of hundreds of people’s lives, their perspectives, their observations, their visions and just their desire to share a glimpse of their life with the outside world. A day in the world, a day in the life of hundreds of individuals, all strangers to each other.

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