Toulouse - Capetown

Toulouse - Cape Town


Based on previous global photographic meetings organized by the association, this project suggests to share visuals points of view from unhabitants of Toulouse and Cape Town, and exhibit the results for the Rio Loco festival in Toulouse in june 2010. We’d also like, regarding to our previous projects, to go further and add an educational value to this action.

Reproducing the main principle of the association, this project aims to ask people living in Toulouse and Cape Town to witness with pictures their daily lives, the most simply and original way they can. For the association : «commonplace of someone is the extraordinary of someone else». By asking points of view from ordinary people, instead of professional artists or photographers, we try to obtain real visions, real feelings, that will accuratly witness of a culture, a society and a way of life.

Our action is supported by the liberty we leave to the people we ask pictures to. We would like them to feel free to say what they need or want to witness and share with other people living hundreds of kilometers away from them.

Exchanging beetwen two cities, from whom cultures and habits are radically differents one from the other one, will place this project into discovering and share ways of thinking, viewing, communicating beetwen the two cultures.

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