15 - 12 - 09

on december 2009 the 15th, the association submit a new global photographic meeting. reconducting the same operating process than "36 vues d'un monde" or "12 vues", this meeting propose to share a part of one's daily life with someone else living thousand kilometers away from him. On december 2009 the 15th, we ask anyone who wants to participate to share a picture of his daily life, a simple and spontaneous picture of something, someone that made you feel great this day. there's no rules, no constraints, nothing to win except sharing a great feeling with other people living in the same world.

reproducing the main principle of the association : "commonplace of someone is the extraordinary of someone else", the construction of our projects relies on the fact that interactions between people must be based on volunteers and spontaneous actions to witness a feeling with sincerity. with this photographic meeting, you can discover a culture and make other people discover yours, and share an advice on the world we're all living in.

this day, your point of view, the one of your friends, relatives, anyone that you want to join in, here and there, there where you're not and that world you want to explore, your daily life, will be a unique opportunity for someone living abroad and far away to discover something and someone else. this also includes you! this day, all around the world, anyone who wants to participate will take a picture of his life thinking that someone else, somewhere else, is doing exactly the same thing, in the unique aim of sharing cultures and knowledge.
this meeting also relies on this particular notion : simultaneity, and the feeling of doing something all together at the same time. well of course, nothing is compulsory : you can post your pictures on facebook the day after, you can also take your pictures the day before or after, you're absolutely free, but keep in mind that this particular day, the most people we can expect will have together a strong artistic and social action : give an advice on the world we're all sharing.

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