Sri lanka

In an initial stage AECID expressed interest in the VDM project and suggested getting in touch with some of the organizations who are working in communities of Rekawa and Kattakaduwa, Hambanthotta District; Koggala, Galle, LacsWatte II, Palagaskande, Jayasekerawatte, Godadenikanda, Kalutara in Galle and Colombo districts; Moratuwa in Colombo, Maduganga lake and Madampe, Galle district. One year after VDM implemented its first project in Banda Aceh, Indonesia (, the Association Vues D'un Monde has shared the daily life of distinct communities of the southern districts of Galle and Rekawa - Hambanthota in Sri Lanka.

From august to September 2008, VDM implemented a technical training on digital photography and lend cameras to the beneficiaries of distinct international cooperation programs, men, women and children that are daily living the reconstruction processes. VDM implemented workshops to teach them how to witness their life with images, aiming to obtain real visions on how the situation is going on in the places destroyed by the tsunami, and how people are recovering their lives, their jobs and their hope. The participants/photographers also selected themselves the pictures they wanted to show and to share with the “other”. After six weeks on the field, we received pieces of life, pride and hope that we are pleased to share. Funded by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID) and in collaboration with the Spanish Red Cross, Nagenahiru, Global Nature Spain, AIDA, and UNDP, this project aims to show how these communities are the main actors of their own reconstruction. The organizations that we collaborated with in this photo project belong to very different fields, but share the common objective of reconstruction. The participation of all the professionals has been very important for this project and the information they provided is fundamental to complete and understand the content of the pictures presented.
Drawing from these different fields enriched the results and allowed us to have a wider view of the situation in Sri Lanka. It also helps us gain knowledge of the local culture and way of life as seen through the locals’ eyes. Through this cooperation Project, the idea is focused on knowing the environment of a specific place with a very precise subject: the lives of the survivors of a disaster and the organizations that collaborate in the reconstruction of their lives. Basically, the idea of knowing the “other” through images has remained the philosophy of the association since its beginning.

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