Between May and June 2007, the field coordinator of VDM, spent five weeks in 4 communities of Banda Aceh and provided a digital camera to the participants, their objective being to photograph their everyday lives years after the Tsunami.
After a short technical training on photography, the participants got a real creative liberty. They also selected themselves the pictures they wanted to show and to share with the “other”. After five weeks on the field, we received pieces of life, pride and hope that we are pleased to share.

The main objective of this Project has been to gain knowledge of the environment of a specific place by focusing on the survivors of the catastrophe and the organisations that are helping them to rebuild their lives.  The basic idea of gaining knowledge of others through the use of photography has remained the same as in the association’s previous projects, but in this instance it has been applied to the field of international cooperation. Great attention has been paid to the documentation and follow-up of the activity due to its highly specific nature. The activity was based around workshops in which the participants learnt basic techniques for self-expression through photography, as well as sharing ideas and opinions for the subsequent exhibition.
We spent one week with each one of the 4 representative groups of AECI programs:

- Communities of the huts of Lhoon Raya, Banda Aceh (with the support of Kanivasu)
- Communities of the villages of the district of Sigli (with the support of FAO)
- Communities of Ibouh and Gapang in Pulau Weh (with the support of FFI)
- Communities of the District of Durueng (with the support of HIMPSI)

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