Vdm cooperation

The Association progressed to other kinds of project: activities focused on interaction between different professional fields like cooperation and artistic expression. For this, we submitted various projects to the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development http://www.aecid.es. This is the first organism that gave us the opportunity to implement a project with such characteristics. Though, we implemented two photographic projects in Indonesia (May - June 2007) and Sri Lanka (August – September 2008)

The main objective of our initiative in these countries is to materialize with real points of view, with real examples, the impact of some of the international development projects in communities of Banda Aceh Province (Indonesia) and Districts of Galle and Kalutara (Sri Lanka). What we aim is to give these people, these communities the opportunity to express themselves through the use of a simple and realistic medium: the photography. With these concrete examples we obtained the direct vision of the person touched by the tsunami as the main actor of his own reconstruction.

These projects were exhibited in Europe House (Banda Aceh, Indonesia, September 2007), in the Centre Culturel Français of Jakarta (October2007), at the headquarter of AECID (December 2007), in the Escuela de la Convivencia (Madrid, February 2008), in the Hispano Japanese cultural center (Salamanca, May 2008) and at the Alliance Française of Colombo (September 2008).

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